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The Windows Server flavor can run on Windows 10, but the Windows 10 flavor can't run on Windows Server.
      Validity starts on selected date, at 00:00 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC/GMT).
  year(s) and    month(s) Select desired validity period for fixed-period licenses. Perpetual (for life) licenses expire in the year 3000.
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How many computers you want to install the app on. You can enter 0 if you only want to buy Net Admin licenses.
How many additional computers in your network you want to back up files from. Enter 0 if you only want to backup data from the computer(s) running the main app.
Your European tax id for VAT purposes (should start with the two-letter country code, and should contain no spaces; e.g. DE123456789). Leave this empty if you're not a company, or if you don't have a valid tax id.
Calculated based on your country selection. Will be 0% if you reside outside the European Union, or if you have a valid European VAT number.
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